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The Selling Process:

  1. Value Asessment:  While the market will ultimately determine the value of the company, understanding the expected selling price prior to going to market aids in establishing clear expectations while providing a mechanism to fairly evaluate future offers.

  2. Marketing Materials:  A teaser and confidential offering memorandum (or "book") will be developed to clearly demonstrate the opportunity to potential acquirers.  The teaser is used to solicit inquires prior to signature of a non-disclosure document.  Upon signature of the required non-disclosure document, the offering memorandum is provided to establish the deal timeline and educate potential acquirers about the opportunity.

  3. Market Creation:  Our marketing plan will identify the most probable financial, strategic, and individual acquirers.  The exhaustive outreach process will create a competitive process withthe intention of estabishing a multipe offer situation.  This phase of the engagement is all about execution by your M&A team.  While it's difficult to fairly estimate how quickly the market will respond, locating the RIGHT acquirer remians the ultimate goal.  

  4. Offer Evaluation & Negotiation:  Once the market has been fully developed, and offers have been gathered, we will assist you in farily evaluating the merits of each.  Your team will negotiate with the potential buyers and obtian the BEST possible deal for you.

  5. Due Diligence:  This phase is oftentimes be the most stressful for the seller.  While cumbersome, due diligence is critical to the process.  As buyers better understand the business and mitigate risk, the value proposition to the seller increases.  Our virtual deal room capabilities control and monitor access to information while providing the buyer's team secure access to the required information.

  6. Closing:  Success!  Final documentation detailing the transaction with due consideration exchanged is the ultimate goal!  One this goal has been acheived we can all celebrate!


Selling a business is process not an event.  On average that process takes between 6-12 months.  An example of a potential timeline is as follows (timing may vary based on current market conditions):

  •   Preparation of marketing materials & buyer lists / market research (30 - 60 days)
  •   Initial outreach & market development (60 - 90 days)
  •   Offer Evaluation & Negotiation (30 - 60 days)
  •   Due Diligence Process & Funding (30 - 60 days)
  •   Closing

Client Testimonials:

“You absolutely, without debate, worked in our best interest, solved problems (most of the time before they came about) and did whatever was needed to get us the best possible deal both short and long term.”

- Grant Hunter, CEO Fuzion Technologies, Inc.



"Rodney and I would like to thank you for your outstanding work in helping us with the sale of our business, the Allegheny Valley Residence, Inc. in Tarentum. Even when the sale had seemed to be doomed with a lot of problems, you persevered and were able to make the deal a reality. Your hard work alone was responsible for this." "If in the future we were to decide to sell any of our other businesses, your company would be the one that we would call on to do so. Once again, we thank you for all that you have done and wish you nothing but the best in the future."

- J. Rodney & R. Gary Duster

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