Strategic Business Acquisition

Strategic Business Acquisition

The fastest way to grow your business is through acquisition.


The problem with organic growth is that it’s slow.  The benefit of an acquisition is that it's quick growth.  But, it costs money.  On average, lenders require an equity injection of approximately 25% of the deal value to complete a transaction.  Understanding your investable capital determines the size deal that will be the best fit.

Now, let's talk about objectives. What are you looking to accomplish?

How are you going to locate opportunities that will accomplish these objectives?

Our Process

Client Testimonials

"On behalf of Innovative Electrocircuits Corporation, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for the persistent effort you put into closing a deal for our new acquisitions.  We appreciate the time you put in with us over the past 12 months before closing two deals, both of which we are fully satisfied with.  You consistently showed a persistent attitude, a pleasant personality, and great professionalism throughout our 12 months of working together.  After seeing the deals come together for our acquisitions, I can confidently say that my team as a whole is impressed with your services. We would certainly recommend your name to anyone who is looking for an acquisition or is looking to sell their business.  Again, thank you for your services and hopefully we can work together again in the future."

- Bob Monpara, Shareholder, Innovative Electronics Corporation

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