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All business buyers fall into one of three categories depending on their composition and motivation.  Understanding your buyer type will help determine your best path to a successful acquisition:

Buying a Business | A Proactive Approach
Regardless of your buyer type, an active approach to locating targets has huge benefits, including:
    1. Access to opportunities not currently “on the market”
    2. Less competition for the deal
    3. A dedicated team of experts working full-time on your behalf

An active buy-side approach is a game changer.

Imagine if you were a seller and someone called you saying, "If you are interested in selling your business I can help you, would you like to talk about your options for selling?" How would you respond? Would you even respond at all?

Now imagine that you are the same seller but this time you receive a call saying they that they are representing a buyer looking to acquire a business with the following criteria and your business matches those criteria. The person on the phone continues to explain that the buyer is paying their fees and you have no obligation to sell. So, if you’re not interested that is okay they will just continue on with their search. But, the buyer is serious and is going to buy someone in your industry and in your area in the next couple of months. Now how would you respond? A lot more interesting of a proposition I suspect. It’s at least worth a conversation. This is how it starts!


Buying a Business | Additional Information

By engaging River's Edge Alliance Group on a buy-side search you get access to opportunities that are not currently on the market. Help us help you!

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"I would highly recommend River's Edge [Alliance Group] to facilitate the acquisition of another business. Their process is logical and methodical. Their insight into business administrative, technical and operational needs is exceptional. Most importantly, their honesty is second to none."

-Robert Keib, Vice President, Gregg Protection Services

"River’s Edge Alliance Group is a tremendous resource partner to any individual or company looking to purchase or sell a business. Their commitment to representing their clients in the most professional manner while acting in the best interest of their client is what truly sets them apart.  From day one, River’s Edge Alliance Group provided us with outstanding support and guidance during the process involved in acquiring companies. They were always available when we needed them and always provided us with important insight. We look forward to working together with them in the future."

-Varol Ablak, Chairman & CEO, Ablak Holdings

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