Business Value Protection

Business Value Protection

Our Business Emergency Toolkit is a Living Will for Your Business


Having a Business Emergency Toolkit provides your heirs with a roadmap for your business should something tragic or unexpected happen to you.  It answers the questions:


A Living Will for Your Business

Don't leave the continuity of your business to chance in the case of a tragic or life changing event.  If you do, your business will in all likelihood lose significant value and potentially fail.  Sustaining business value while your family, business partners, and employees argue about what they think you want is extremely difficult if not impossible.  

50% of all business exits are unplanned.  Don't assume that you'll have the luxury of a planned exit.  Your family, employees, and business are counting on you to be proactive.

Completing a "Business Emergency Toolkit" requires a minimal investment of time and money.  Our advisors will provide you with everything that you need and guide you through the process, leaving your heirs with a thorough plan for running the business in your absence.


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