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Classify a Seller as Management Consulting (1099)

Posted on: 01/25/08 by: Scott Mashuda

When buying a business, minimize your total cash outlay and future tax liability by carefully classifying the efforts of the seller post-closing.


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Maximize the Value of Your Non-Compete Agreement

Posted on: 01/17/08 by: Scott Mashuda

When selling your business you can maximize after-tax proceeds by including the value of training and/or consulting in the value of your non-compete agreement.


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Using Your IRA or 401(k) to buy a business - A BAD IDEA!

Posted on: 12/28/07 by: Scott Mashuda

Although there are a number of companies currently promoting the idea of using your 401(k) plan to purchase a business, I remain steadfast in my claim that 401(k) money should NOT be used to buy a business, regardless of the circumstances.    Buying a business is a huge risk, one that most people will never take. But there’s a difference between being a risk taker and a gunslinger hence the difference between those who don’t use their 401(k) in the purchase and those who do.  Why with so much at risk including: a steady income, personal savings, your ability to borrow, and possibly even your home, would you add your retirement plan to the assets at risk? 


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Local Transaction Marketplace Update: Lower-Middle Market

Posted on: 12/18/07 by: Scott Mashuda

After reading Mr. Bill Toland’s article in the business section of yesterday’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, I decided to provide Pittsburgh business owners with some insight on the current potential for sale of their closely-held businesses. While information regarding corporate mergers and acquisitions remains abundant, rarely have I seen the owner’s of small closely held businesses provided information on the likelihood of sale for their business. 

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How to Make the Most Difficult Decisions

Posted on: 12/10/07 by: Scott Mashuda

One of the most difficult decisions a person will make in their career is the decision to start or buy their own business.  It is a decision with a high failure rate, no guarantee of success, and one that affects not only the individual but their family and their standard of living.  Make the right decision and you stand to join the income elite.  Make the wrong decision and you risk losing a steady job, your self-esteem, your life savings and maybe even some friends.  With so much at risk, how can one come to make this decision?

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