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Impact of the Current U.S. Economy on Small Business Transactions

Posted on: 05/20/08 by: Scott Mashuda

Our Country’s recent economic downturn has placed business buyers and sellers under increased scrutiny when attempting to secure financing for small business transactions.


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Structured Sale vs. Installment Sale

Posted on: 05/16/08 by: Scott Mashuda

In our last blog post we discussed the sale of a business as an installment sale.  Our discussion included the installment sale’s time value of money benefits for a business buyer and the high risk of buyer default for the seller.


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Buying a Business: Installment Sale

Posted on: 04/21/08 by: Scott Mashuda

An installment sale is defined by the Internal Revenue Service in Publication 537 as the sale of a business or property in which at least one payment is received after the tax year of the sale.


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Selecting the Best Business Broker to Sell Your Business

Posted on: 02/26/08 by: Scott Mashuda

As the managing director of a Pittsburgh based lower-middle market mergers & acquisitions firm I hold a unique perspective on the business transaction marketplace, the advisors offering you their services, and the questions that you should be asking to make sure that you hire the RIGHT business broker / intermediary to represent your business for sale.

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1031 Exchange for Business Assets

Posted on: 02/21/08 by: Scott Mashuda

1031 exchanges are most often associated with investment real estate as a way to defer taxable investment gains.  However, section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”) is NOT limited to real estate transactions.  A number of other assets qualify, including most tangible business assets.


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