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Why Start A Business When You Can Buy?

Posted on: 08/05/08 by: Scott Mashuda

One of the most common ways to enter the world of entrepreneurship is to start your own business.  A less common approach is to purchase an existing business.


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REAG to Write for the GlobalBX.com – Business For Sale Blog

Posted on: 08/04/08 by: Scott Mashuda

River’s Edge Alliance will be serving as an expert author for the GlobalBX.com – Business For Sale Blog regarding business brokerage and mergers & acquisitions. 


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Adjusting & Applying Acquisition Multiples

Posted on: 07/16/08 by: Scott Mashuda

Now that we are comfortable deriving acquisition multiples using the Guideline Company Method and the Similar Transactions Method, we must learn how to select the proper multiple before applying it to our subject Company and reaching a value conclusion.


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Business Acquisition Multiples

Posted on: 06/19/08 by: Scott Mashuda

Now that we understand the difference between Net Income, EBIT, EBITDA and SDCF, let’s take a look at how these metrics can be used to determine the value of a company.


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Understanding Acquisition Analysis Terms

Posted on: 06/06/08 by: Scott Mashuda

When analyzing a company for potential acquisition you may run into terms that are not familiar to you such as:  Net Income, EBIT, EBITDA and SDCF.  Having a thorough understanding of these terms and the relationship between them may be the difference between a good financial decision and a bad one.


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