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Some Businesses and Buildings Just Got More Valuable. Some Didn't.

Posted on: 05/06/20 by: Scott D. Mashuda

Federal and State governments in the United States have unintentionally created a valuation premium for “essential businesses” over “non-essential businesses” by providing them with more leasing options, better lease terms, more customer availability, and better access to capital than what’s available to “non-essential” businesses?

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Is Your Company Strained from the Shutdown? Consider an Equity Partner.

Posted on: 04/28/20 by: Scott D. Mashuda

Taking on an equity partner can help solve the financial strain you’re feeling from the COVID-19 shutdown and position your company for growth post-pandemic.

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The Effects of COVID-19 on Selling Your Company

Posted on: 04/15/20 by: Scott D. Mashuda

Post-COVID-19 there will remain an abundance of private capital in the market to acquire closely held companies.  This capital needs deployed.  In order to deploy it, acquirers must find a way to solve questions and issues around valuation.  There are several different ways to accomplish this, one of which I proposed in a previous article.  But the bottom line is this.  If acquirers punish business sellers for the performance of their companies during the time of a global health pandemic (via decreased valuations) sellers simply won’t sell.  Deal flow will dry up and capital won’t be put to work.  Big picture, this won’t happen.  There’s no other place to achieve comparable returns.  So, acquirers will figure out a means to support pre-shutdown level valuations and entice sellers to sell.

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Should Post-Pandemic M&A be based on 2018 Cash Flows?

Posted on: 04/07/20 by: Scott D. Mashuda

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, developing future cash flow projections from a data point 2-3 years old would have seemed absurd.  But post-pandemic it will become the norm.

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What is Needed to Restart M&A Markets Post-Pandemic?

Posted on: 04/06/20 by: Scott D. Mashuda

Most people engaged in the business of mergers & acquisitions were flush with deal flow and new business opportunities prior to the COVID-19 shutdown.  However, as the pandemic struck, the switch was turned off and M&A activity went dark virtually overnight.

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