Selling Your Business is a Process NOT an Event

Posted On: 08-18-2010

An event is defined as something that happens or is regarded as happening.  It is the outcome or result of something.  Its occurrence is localized at a single point in time.

The sale of your business does not just happen and it does not just occur.  It is the result of a process.  The sales process alone takes 6 months to a year and the planning process could take years before that!!

One of the biggest misconceptions about selling a small business is that it is an asset that can be easily converted to cash.  Not only is converting a business to cash difficult, it may not even be possible.  Consider the following scenarios:

The process starts with strategic planning and continues through to the sale.  The sales stage might be the final step in the process, but it too is a process.

The sales process looks like this:

All this takes time.  Engage qualified professionals to help you plan for a sale well in advance of the sale itself.  It’s a process.  It takes time.  START NOW!

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