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How LeBron James Effects the Value of Your Company

Posted on: 08/08/18 by: Scott D. Mashuda

There is an important lesson for business owners and CEOs to learn from the exit of LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Los Angeles Lakers.  That lesson is about value and the risk of allowing the value of your company to be tied to one or two “key individuals”. 

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The Secret to More M&A Deal Flow

Posted on: 12/13/17 by: Scott D. Mashuda

If you’re working to acquire a business you’ve probably learned that, in today’s M&A market, money is the easy part.  Finding the right opportunity is the hardest part.  I’ve got a solution.  Change your approach.  The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result.  Stop the insanity!

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Q3 2017 Lower-Middle Market M&A Multiples

Posted on: 12/07/17 by: Scott D. Mashuda

Whether you’re considering an exit from your business or desire to make an acquisition, market data can provide meaningful insight into the current state of the market and what you may expect as either a seller or an acquirer.

With that in mind, the M&A Source recently published their Q3 Market Pulse survey in cooperation with the Pepperdine Capital Markets Project and the Graziadio School of Business and Management.

334 M&A intermediaries contributed to the Q3 2017 Market Pulse Survey and reported 266 completed transactions.  Some highlights from the study of the reported transactions are as follows:

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NOTICE TO ALL BUSINESS OWNERS: Quit Your Country Club if You Want to Sell Your Business!

Posted on: 08/02/17 by: Scott D. Mashuda

I have nothing against the game of golf, your friends, or your social life.  But, the stories of M&A bravado exchanged at your country club are keeping you from selling your business.

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Asset Sale vs. Stock Sale

Posted on: 02/03/16 by: Scott Mashuda

Generally, an asset sale provides the best after-tax outcome to a business buyer and a stock sale results in the best after-tax consequences for the business seller.  However, since there are many factors to consider besides tax consequences when buying or selling a business, the tax effect cannot be considered in a vacuum.  There will always be an adverse tax effect. Uncle Sam will always get his cut.  So, the question becomes which party to the transaction will be responsible for Uncle Sam’s cut.  Naturally, each party will want the other to pay Uncle Sam.  So, there will be negotiations.  There will be give and take.  To avoid being taken, it is necessary to understand the tax laws and assemble the most knowledgeable team of professionals to guide you through the transaction process.

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