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River's Edge Alliance Group Sponsors the 2014 Catalyst Connection Annual Manufacturing Reception
River's Edge Alliance Group is a proud Gold Level Sponsor of the 2014 Catalyst Connection... More

River’s Edge Alliance Group, LLC acquires Cordeva, LLC.
On November 8, 2013, River’s Edge Alliance Group, LLC acquired Cordeva, LLC.  The acquisition by... More

Todd Torquato, Director at REAG Named to the PBBA Board of Directors
On October 3, 2013 the Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association elected Todd Torquato as an at-large... More

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Business Valuation Multiples are Rising!
According to a February 2014 report issued by GF Data on business valuation multiples, average trailing... More

Don't Select Your Business Broker Based on Price Alone!
After spending my career assisting small and medium sized business owners with the transfer of... More

Don't Sell Your Business Without Hiring a Business Broker or Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor!
Hiring a business broker or mergers and acquisitions advisor to locate a buyer and facilitate the... More

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