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Lower-Middle Market M&A and Investment Banking News

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2015 Economic Outlook According to Chase, BNY Mellon and PNC
On January 8, 2015, REAG’s Todd Torquato attended the ACG Pittsburgh’s economist luncheon.  Bill Flanagan... More

Third Quarter 2014 M&A Market Pulse Survey
The quarterly IBBA and M&A Source Market Pulse Survey was created with the support of the Pepperdine Private... More

River's Edge Alliance Acquires Navigence, Inc.
On November 3, 2014 River's Edge Alliance Group, LLC announced the acquisition of Navigence, Inc,... More

Lower-Middle Market M&A and Private Capital Markets Blog


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To Sell a Food Manufacturing Company for Maximum Value, Reduce Seasonality
Have you ever considered selling your business as a solution to your seasonality problems?  What... More

Oil & Gas Mergers & Acquisitions Expected to Increase in the Lower-Middle Market in 2015
2014 was a record year for oil and gas M&A with an estimated 1,296 transactions... More

Decrease Risk to Sell a Warehouse Company
One of the best ways to make your warehouse or distribution company attractive to potential... More

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